Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here we go!

So how exactly am I supposed to sleep tonight?? Tomorrow, I'm leaving. Its the day I thought back on during January of last year when the weather was sub-zero and I just wanted to be in glorious, tropical Brazil. Now that its here, I'm more excited than I've ever been, but I'm definitely not without anxiety. People ask me if I'm sad to be leaving, but the truth is, I'm really not. The sadness may come later, but now I'm trying not to look back on what I'm leaving behind, but to look forward and be ready for the new adventures out there just waiting to be had. I really have no idea whats going to happen when I get off the plane, but thats part of the fun! Heres what I do know:
-I start school on August 2nd, two days after I arrive. Hello jet lag...
-My host sister, Cecilia, leaves for her own rotary exchange year in Clovis, CA on August 10.
-I have an inbound orientation on August 20th, in the town of Maragogi, Algoas, slightly south of my own city.
We'll see what other exciting stuff Brazil has in store for me! I'll try to update this blog at least bi-weekly if not more often, we'll see what kind of rhythm I fall into.
To all the rotary kids who haven't left yet: Make the most of the rest of your summer, it'll go by faster than you can imagine. Also, you'll realize when it actually hits you that you're leaving. It hit me about 3 weeks before departure. The best thing to do then is just start to get ready! I started packing early and I'm so glad I did...the last few days were stressful enough without having to pack everything. It gave me so much more time to do things I actually wanted to do here. Best of luck to everyone! We can do this. So...ready. Set. GO!